M-OPEN Website Presents New Ideas for Stopping Opioid Abuse

WTW builds an attention-getting new online home for the Michigan Opioid Prescribing Engagement Network
M-Open logo redesign

Logo Redesign: Before and after

M-OPEN is an organization based at U-M that focuses on protecting patients and communities from opioid misuse and abuse through prevention of opioid dependence. This requires educating both providers and opioid-naïve patients prior to dependence, intervening, and encouraging across a number of platforms, including through their new website. WTW Design Group provided guidance and expertise on how to develop their new website to best reach their audience.

The WTW team managed the entire project including discovery, design, development, deployment, and training. The result is a new dynamic WordPress content management system website that is as easy to manage as it is to navigate. WTW included the client in the process of developing the new site. Michigan OPEN staff were trained how to add and edit content before launch so they could easily take charge when the site was live. The WTW team also assisted the client with creating content for their website and designing a new M-OPEN logo to be introduced with the site.

Other new features included a redesigned M-OPEN infographic and the addition of numeric “rollup” statistics on opioid use and abuse to the homepage. The team completed the project by reviewing and validating the new site for accessibility and ADA Compliance of to ensure all applicable standards were being met.

The result is a representative website with true potential to educate and inform, while being easily managed by the client.