Next Steps in Design

Outfitting Tauber’s IPD Event with Active Tech/Daily Wear

Integrated Product Development (IPD) brings together teams of University of Michigan students from Business, Engineering, Art & Design, and Information studies to develop and market innovative new products. Each year the teams compete in virtual and physical trade shows, where they promote their product prototypes to members of the community.

To celebrate the show being held at the new Stamps School gallery space in downtown Ann Arbor, the Tauber Institute commissioned a fresh theme for the show’s promotional materials.

Departing from designs that relied on photos of student teams from previous years, WTW created a simplified and colorful graphic approach that it deployed across a variety of display mediums including posters, digital display graphics, web banners, and e-blasts. In addition to the Active Tech/Daily Wear tagline, the design team also crafted coordinated messaging for distribution among various stakeholders.

The result was a campaign as versatile and energized as the student ideas on display.