Taking the Brand
On the Road

Designing a high-octane wrap for Westport's Falcon Engine

This vehicle was slated to be the centerpiece of promotional efforts that involved print and video assets, live demonstrations, and event appearances around the country. Capitalizing on the exposure the truck would receive, WTW leveraged every available surface to promote the key benefits of the engine, in the process creating a showpiece that Westport would be proud to display.

Video chronicling the Falcon Engine Project. Directed and produced by Avalon Isle Creative for Westport.

WTW adapted literature they had previously designed for Westport to deliver a winning concept quickly. The sides of the box featured Westport’s logo, large enough to appear prominently even when viewed from a distance. Key selling points for the engine were positioned strategically on the rear of the box, boosting impressions as the truck moved through traffic en-route to its many scheduled appearances. The front cab featured a pristine forest landscape, highlighting Westport’s overall goal of reducing harmful emissions in mid-to-large-size commercial vehicle fleets. Finally, to drive that point home, the roof of the box was emblazoned with the tagline “The air’s cleaner up here” in anticipation of drone flyovers in the video assets.

Upon approval from Westport, WTW coordinated and completed the installation of the wrap, working diligently to ensure its quality and durability.