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U-M Integrated Product Development Trade Show Campaign

For many at The University of Michigan’s Tauber Institute for Global Operations, the Integrated Product Design (IPD) course’s trade show is a highlight of the semester.

Student efforts to develop innovative, affordable product prototypes around a central theme culminate in both a showcase evening event and physical and virtual trade shows. Members of the public are welcomed as judges, voting for their favorite products with virtual currency, giving students and faculty valuable insight into the efficacy and appeal of their creations.

Tauber Institute Integrated Product Development Campaign

While a series of three designs was created for the project, the clients chose to use just the above version for the campaign.

Tauber Institute Integrated Product Development Campaign
Tauber Institute Integrated Product Development Campaign

For the spring 2018 event, the theme centered on Technology to Maintain Senior Health. Longtime client Tauber called upon WTW to envision a promotional graphic package and to revamp the virtual component of the trade show event. The graphics, to be utilized in physical and electronic banners, e-blasts, social media posts, brochures, and mailers, required a versatile, impactful, and future-forward design. WTW sourced photographic assets that were vibrant and colorful, enhancing them with hand-drawn examples of wearable technology to evoke a playful vision of the future. Tauber selected one of the three concepts presented to be adapted for the various marketing touchpoints leading up to the event itself.

Tauber IPD Winter 2018 Print Poster

Campus poster

Tauber IPD Winter 2018 Digital Display

Digital display