Viewing Gender & Health Through a Different Lens

Video captures the groundbreaking spirit of this first-of-its-kind Women’s Studies major.

The Gender & Health major at U-M, the first of its kind nationwide, grew from the minor of the same name. The program offers a critical feminist analysis of ideas from many different disciplines including medicine, public policy, and history. While it is very popular, promoting a new major is important to continue to attract a wide variety of the best students. But when every discipline is important and the people behind them passionate, creating a short promotional video is a challenge.

WTW Design Group provided a framework for the project. Through conducting interviews with students, faculty, and alumni, shooting the interviews and b-roll, then deciding how to best edit the footage in order to represent the major and its appeal to students, a story emerged. Our structured approach and creative input resulted in this informative yet moving video that emphasizes the complex and holistic quality of the major.